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 Posted: 10-31-2005 09:14 am
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to confuse things a bit more my new 2.2L high compression engine (10.9:1) doesn't have 37mm chokes but 38 mm chokes!

my new 45E's came with 36mm chokes. On the dyno we have tested the 36mm, 37mm and the 38mm. The winner by far were the 38mm chokes in every rpm range.

don't know if they have altered the other jets etc, but i'll check with Garry. Garry by the way already predicted the 2.2L engine would perform much better overall with the 38mm... but since my carbs came with the 36mm they started with these on the dyno.

you know the performance specs of my engine. very torquey.

erik, Netherlands (my engine arrives coming thursday...i'll make pictures and post them on the