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 Posted: 08-01-2020 02:23 am
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Took it all apart finally and the entire shaft basically dropped out with a little tap on the distributor end once I got the assembly off the car. The scary thing about this Lotus design is the entire thing appear to be held together by that little circular clip by the oil pump rotor. Mine was ovaled and had definitely begun to drift out and this the shaft was drifting.

That little clip keeps the shaft in place :

1) Oil pump depends on it staying in place
2) Distributor depends on it staying in place
3) Engine timing (timing belt) depends on it staying in place

I know Chapman was a hound for efficiency and everything doing multiple things but this is ridiculous.

The oil pump rotor and annular looks ok but I have to differ to experts since there is a wear pattern on the faces and also on the corresponding faces in the housings. Around .001-.002" of a circular wearing pattern. Is this ok to reuse? Also, I have heard of some "high flow" pumps out there, is that worth it? Maybe Gary Kemp?