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 Posted: 07-21-2020 04:17 am
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I have this nagging problem since I rebuilt her recently. The distributor pops out of the socket sometimes, the tach goes dead and the car coasts to a standstill. First time it happened I was on the freeway and almost died, lol. I clamped the distributor down harder and it happened again yesterday at a fairly high rpm.

At first I thought clamp, but as I looked closer I realized the actual pulley had drifted forwards about 1/4" or a bit more. It's enough to disconnect the distributor, and there is no looseness of problems with the pulley. The whole shaft is drifting forward over time. I give it a few taps with a hammer and a screw driver and it's back in place.

Tried looking at the parts diagram for the aux housing and the shaft. What is holding this thing in place? All I see are some clips on the shaft, there is no bolt or washer holding anything in place that I can see. Why would the shaft drift? Is it overcoming those clips somehow?

I ordered a new clamp off ebay just to make sure, the entire dizzy pulley/ shaft/ housing / oil pump is in great shape, so hoping I don't have to completely take it apart and rebuild it somehow. There are a few entire assemblies available on ebay, thinking of getting a spare anyway.

Anyone have this drifting forward of the shaft problem?