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 Posted: 10-28-2005 07:32 pm
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I am not using synthetic oil at all, I use Castrol GTX a 20 - 50 W oil on the engine. I have just recently changed the oil in the engine , less than 1 hours running on a new oil and filter. Just out of interest I cut open the oil filter that had been on the engine ( spun on the lathe to cut ) to see what had collected in the filter elements, just normal bits of gasket goo and the odd very small flake of metal trapped in the filter element. Which was a good sign that the engine was clean when reassembled. This problem did not happen on the first lot of oil. At ths stage I will carrying on running in the rings and maybe need to work the engine a little harder to get them bedding in. I have not revved out past 5000 rpm yet.

I took the block and pistons to our local machine shop for checking and honing of the cylinders, on their OK I went ahead with new rings and a hone only. I did do the reassembly myself but did not encounter any problems while putting engine back together.

Thanks for the feedback.

**** UPDATE ****

Caught out by the simpilist mistake you can make, engine oil level too high. Checking on the dipstick when the oil level had settled it was way over. Drained out 500 mls of oil and it came back onto the full mark OK. At the time of filling it is such a slow process to fill up I must of lost count of how many litres were already in and howw much was still to drain down.

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