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 Posted: 07-17-2020 10:30 pm
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My starter was doing more and more clicking before starting, so I decided to get the Gustafson. On the plus side, it is smaller, lighter and cranks a bit faster than the stock starter. It also was priced $40 less than the WOSP. Hopefully it will also be more reliable. On the down side, I did not like the way it mounted very much. As delivered, the only way to mount it was with the high-current battery connection turned towards (and almost touching) the engine block, which was totally not acceptable. The best rotation I found got the HC connection up towards the top, but that partially blocked the lower mounting bolt so I had to hand tighten it a ways before I could get a socket wrench on it. Fortunately the mounting threads were clean so hand tightening was not a problem. It is also lacking the connection for the ballast resistor bypass, which I do not need, but if someone else does, the WOSP might be a better choice. The latest versions are supposed to have that. If I knew of a place that actually did a good job or rebuilding the original starters I might be tempted to go that way. Unfortunately the solenoid always seems to get unreliable fairly quickly. The starter motor itself has always worked well for me. However, I live in San Diego, so do not have to try to start up in very cold weather. In that case the WOSP and Gustafson varieties might be significantly better.

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