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 Posted: 04-21-2020 09:33 pm
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Not to take anything away from WOSP, but Gustafson Specialty Products make a similar product by modifying Nippondenso geared starters to fit a variety of Britcars and other specialty cars (Ferrari, etc). The owner is also a Lotus owner and considers himself 'one of us'. Gustafson starters are available from JAE and Dave Bean Engineering, and it wouldn't surprise me if Delta Motorsports carried them. They're not cheap either, but as long as your shopping in that price range, why not check them out as well. The following link should open to Gustafson's 'dealers' page:

I've installed Gustafson starters in 4 different Britcars (okay... Lotus), and give them a hearty thumbs up.

Tim Engel