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 Posted: 04-21-2020 07:19 am
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nrb993 wrote:
Hi - Please may I ask, what is the cold start wire and how does it work, I am not sure I understand. I can see a wire to the Tachometer called a Eureka Resistance wire, is this the wire please.

No, the cold start circuit is a dedicated wire, white with yellow stripe, that runs from the starter to the coil. The idea is that during cold starts, it boosts some power into the coil. It's not necessary on the WOSP since it draws so few amps anyway and is much more efficient.

WOSP used to supply their units for the Lotus 907 with a seperate wire with a diode on it to prevent any power backfeeding into the coil circuit, but that was the older units. Now they offer a unit that has a terminal and you can just connect that, if you want.

So far my older unit is functioning perfectly well without the circuit at all. Even if I had the newer unit I probably would not hook up the circuit.

Highlighted in red, from the factory electrical diagram: