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 Posted: 04-03-2020 08:51 am
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I used to run K&N oval filters on my Webers then moved to some custom velocity stacks to try and get some lower / midrange power (with something like 107's cams) back. They did in fact connect to the oil separator to the back of the plate on the K&N's and the rear carb was oily sometimes but it did not miss.

I lost any way to connect to carbs with the stacks, so rather than plug it I just put a miniature K&N filter on there. It does smell a bit and you can see some fumes from time to time and a tiny bit of spray, but its only a mist and only after a hundred miles or so, visible on the inside of the hood. Nothing bad and a tissue mops it up for another 100 miles.

I worry sometimes no vacuum there is bad but it only would have vacuum under throttle anyway, so hopefully no big deal. I like not having the muck put back in the carb.

You can see the setup here: