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 Posted: 04-02-2020 05:11 pm
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The standard way with the aftermarlket K&N filters, was to use a 1/2" hose on the back of each filter going to a "T" fitting, which in turn fits VERY snuggly into the vent hose on the back of the engine.
However, in a hard left turn(think autocrossing) if the oil level was up to normal height, one would get some oil up the breather tube which got sucked into the carbs giving plumes of smoke out your exhaust(looks like you had just blown your engine)
On the race cars, the preferred place was to drill a hole in the center SQUARE on the top of the large auxiliary oil pump housing. Why this wasn't done to begin with, I don't know, as the location is very high up with no possibility of oil getting sucked in, plus it is always open for crankcase breathing.
hope that helps, bruce