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 Posted: 04-02-2020 04:08 pm
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Ralph H

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Hi All
I have looked at a bunch of threads on this topic but nothing recent with photos still available. I wonder if anybody can show or describe a setup to vent the Crankcase other than into the back of the stromburg pancake style (dome shape) air filter. I have read several places about using a K&N filter or others that talk of running a piece of hose down and under the car. Looking for best solution.
2. related to this How much volume and what sort of air/vapours/oil/stuff comes out of this vent.

As of now I have a smaller hose from the back of the carb loosely stuck 4 inches into a larger diameter hose clamped to the block. It is a loose fit now with a gap around the smaller hose. Should this be a closed system ie. not open to the open air.
Any help appreciated.