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 Posted: 03-17-2020 05:59 am
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WOSP is a UK firm that does modern Denso based starters for British classics. Saw them from an ebay reseller and decided to give it a chance as my old starter was fizzing out and struggled to give me 400 rpm.

The unit is very nice, all aluminum, and comes in at less than half the weight and size of the original. It also has a very unique mounting position option where you can literally clock it in any direction (rotation) you want. The stock location it came with was already perfect.

This was advertised to work on the JH and all Lotus 907's. Easiest install ever but I was confused as to where to hook up the "cold start booster" wire. I emailed WOSP and they got back to me within hours on a weekend and said that it wasn't necessary to hook it up, especially with the high energy low resistance coil I am using with the custom 43D I had modified. Starts right up, high rpm's and draws less than half the amps. Really smooth starts now with no excuses. I used to pray the Lucas unit would work on cold mornings.

The Denso motor is so smooth it makes the engine sound like a modern car for a second when its cranking. Super quiet too. This has to be the single best upgrade I have done since resurrecting her from a 12 year hiatus.

Fewer wires in nice too, it just needs switched 12v in and your done. Pricey at $350 but it's well worth it. Just for the weight savings and size savings alone. I can easily get an oil filter wrench behind the filter now.

Luke at WOSP answered all my questions quickly. He said if I wanted a newer unit, they had incorporated a cold start hookup into their newer models. I would just order directly from them next time.