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 Posted: 02-24-2020 06:03 pm
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1)the light fixture has a metal tab on either side; use a plastic tool to push in on the side a pop the fixture out the front(door panel does not need to be removed). You will very likely break the original plastic(every one I've seen including mine, and I am the original owner). Hell?VW has one that will fit; it's slightly longer, but a littl panel trimming will be fine)
2)Not sure about tm,. but the orinal 12mm pin with it's 2 nylon side supports was loose from day one. I had made in the early '90s better fitting nylon bushing impregnated with MoS2 for a much better/tighter fitting--used to be especially difficult for reverse & 1st gear. (did not know that the 5speeds were self centering between 2nd & 3rd gears!)
3)You will likely need to pull the tm. to replace the rear seal; while in there, do the 4 components for the clutch AND the front seal for the 5 speed(easy, unlike the 4 speed)
4)not sure; you will need to do some more diagnostic work before an intelligent fix ensues(the relay; the Logic box;
the distributor;, etc)
5)a main culprit is the HAZARD switch through which the current for the turn signals runs; the contacts are NOT self cleaning, unlike the LIGHT & FAN switches.
Carefully push (from behind--do NOT pull) the HAZARD switch and bypass the switch with a copper shunt)
keep us posted, bruce