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 Posted: 02-21-2020 04:17 pm
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Bruce (redracer),
Thanks for the info on shimming techniques. You, Tim Engel and others have provided a wealth of knowledge to the message board users. Especially to newbies like myself to the Lotus engine.

The cam is a Delta 107 and they told me the lift is .361. I saw elsewhere that this cam has a .375 lift. I removed a camshaft and put in on v blocks. I measured a consistent .375 lift. At least I know what cam is in the engine.

I believe the engine incorporates SB 74-23. I am not sure what is in the SB, but it looks like the oil passages in the cam housing have been routed open. Looks like an oil feed hole in head has been filled. Not sure where the o ring is located.

Next step I am doing is to replace the head gasket. With Tim's info the engine has the B prefix dimpled studs'. I will probably buy the complete top end gasket kit.

Regards, Chuck