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 Posted: 02-21-2020 12:25 am
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Chuck: there are quite a few tricks to getting the shimming correctly done(normally, a 12 hour job for me on a long timed running engine). Usually, you will make 3 tries at the correct shimming, with the 4th being your final installation. After buffing down the com followers, a good coating of MoS2 on the outside of them will prevent them from falling out in a vertical position. The "small drop of oil' onto the center internal bucket will give enough surface tension on a clean shim(do NOT coat the shims until the final installation) to remove the entire cam housing SLOWLY with the buckets & shims in place. You may wish to put a clean cloth in the oil galleys going to the sump since this is your first time, but do not forget to remove them before final installation.
As for the head bolts, go ahead if you wish and replace them, but in the 20 or so engines I have rebuilt, I have never had a problem with them, including the high compression engines for the Huffaker car. (btw, I still have a bout 20 N.O.S. head gaskets--the SAS ones no longer available).
Don't forget about sealing the cam housing oil feed hole by drilling and reaming the cam housing oil feed hole(J-H Bulletin #74-23) if they haven't already been done. As Tim said, use Loctite 518 for the cam hosing-to-head.
best wishes, bruce