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 Posted: 02-20-2020 11:49 pm
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The very early J-H distributors did NOT have an internal oil seal in(later ones did); for those like that I had worked on, I knocked the upper steel bushing down (as Tim has said) and installed a slightly thicker-than-original "rubber"(neoprene)
seal; part # 4702 for both CR & SKF. The dimensions are: 12mmX19mmX5mm(original was 3 mm; someone has previously written 1/2" inner diameter, but that is TOO LARGE). I use Permatex #2 on the outer shaft housing for extra peace-of-mind!
btw; if you ever refer your dizzy to a "rebuild" house, the 5 digit # on the outside of the dizzy is incorrect in that these numbers refer to a dizzy spinning in a CCW direction, whereas ours spin CW. You may have noticed the arrow in the top of the dizzy has been filed off just for that reason!
hope this helps, bruce