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 Posted: 02-19-2020 04:19 am
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discogodfather wrote:
She started right away, had the choke on fully. Idled rough until I got the timing set, all good at 0 degrees advance, right?

If you mean that the ignition is firing at TDC when idling, then that is too retarded. The JH shop manual lists static timing varying from 2 deg to 12 deg BTDC. My experience is that the ignition needs to be at least 5 deg BTDC when idling (800-1000 RPM) to get good behavior. Exactly how much depends on how modified from stock everything is. My current (mostly stock) engine likes over 12 deg BTDC best. My previous 2.2L with higher-compression pistons was best at 8 BTDC.

Otherwise, it also sounds to me like the carbs are set too lean. I have zero knowledge of Webers, but I have seen posts listing settings from people who say they are getting good performance. You might try doing a search on "Weber" here and on the Jensen-Healey group on Facebook. You could also ask for help on the Facebook page: there seems to be more people reading that regularly.

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