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 Posted: 02-18-2020 09:25 am
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Day of truth came after a huge amount of work getting the new 43D Lucas distributor I got fitted with the proper oil seal and draining all the fluids, going through the carbs, and fitting a new battery, etc. Also replaced the fuel pump (it was running a Carter) with a Holley Red.

Well, the Holley red was DOA. It didn't even turn on, after tearing it out and bench testing it was pretty much a paper weight. Not sure what it was but I bought it off Amazon and returned it. Heard many bad things about these pumps so I just cut and run.

There was nothing wrong with the old Carter, but I suspected some pressure drops at higher RPM's so I just wanted to eliminate that as an issue with a higher flow pump. Ended up putting the Carter back in just to see if I could get her started.

She started right away, had the choke on fully. Idled rough until I got the timing set, all good at 0 degrees advance, right?

So then I feel like I time warped back to 2008 and experienced the same issues I had right before she went dormant: as long as the choke was on she ran ok but the idle steadily increased out to 3k or so, always rising. As I took the choke off she died, almost immediately. I could do a basic balance (I have two of those vacuum gauges) and see she was in the ballpark.

This is my initial settings:

Air correctors in all the way
Idle mixture at 1 1/4 turns out

My carb setting are:

Emulsion – F4
Main - 150
Air - 170
Idle - 55F8
Choke - 38
Venturi - 4.5
Pump Jet - 55
Pump Exhaust- 40

The Weber DCOE's are sneezing quite a bit, seeming to suggest it's running lean. Not sure where my float level's are, didn't check that yet. Not sure where to go from here, as the settings seem inline with what they should be. As I adjust the choke, I feel like I am tuning the A/F ratio or something, a weird feeling. What am I getting wrong here?

Some other settings:

Fuel at a steady 3.5 psi
All new ignition including the coil (it's a 3 ohm to run with the electronic ignition in the new 43D)
Great voltage everywhere (new battery)

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