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 Posted: 02-16-2020 07:37 pm
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Well, I'll have to defer to what you see in your hands, but the original 43/45 Lucas distributors used the same seals as the earlier 23/25 distributors, and the Pertronix/ 123 clones mimic the 43/45.

With them, all that was required was to push the top steel bushing 4-5 mm deeper into the straight bore in order to make room for the seal.

I'm impressed by your photos of all your machine work, I'm just surprised that it's necessary.

A friend and I recently rebuilt the 45DM4 out of this 1984 Turbo Esprit's 910, the stock GACO seal was present, and the same as the one in his 1977 S1 Esprit's 25D4. So now I'm quite curious about your need to machine the bore.

Tim Engel