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 Posted: 02-13-2020 07:37 pm
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Esprit2 wrote:
Are you sure that machining is required? I'm not familiar with which 43D copy you have, but in all the Lucas and Pertronix/ 123 clones I've seen, the shaft bore is straight, no steps. Installing a seal only requires that the top bushing be pushed 4-5 mm deeper into the bore to make room for a seal.

Tim Engel

The new 43D I have has much smaller bushing sizes and a thicker aluminum shaft. The seal seems to need slight over .75" diameter hole to sit in, so I can push the bearing in and then cut a .75" seat for it.

On the right you see the Lucas- the "steel ring" that was sitting at the top turned out to be a nearly petrified rubber seal- it was so hard I mistook it as steel. Removed it with ease, waiting on my new seals to come in.

Great advice Tim! At the rate I am going I will have two viable distributors to test.