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 Posted: 02-12-2020 04:46 am
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Esprit2 wrote:

They all have an O-ring around the shaft housing... on the outside, where it slips into the oil pump housing. It's the Lotus-only internal lip-seal that is missing. It should be inside the housing.

If you were to remove everything from inside the 'head' of the housing, you would see a small lip seal around the hole in the floor where the shaft would pass through. In all other Lucas distributors and clones, there would be no seal, just an open gap between the shaft OD and housing ID. That's a path for oil to flow from the engine into the distributor's head, and from there to leak out onto the side of the engine block.

Tim Engel

I received my $100 43D from Powerspark, I thought it would be interesting to check it out and compare with the stock unit. What I see taking them apart (also took my 25D apart) is that there isn't much difference on the shafts. The 25D Lucas unit has what appears to be a thin spiral cut channel on the side of it, and the cutout seems to be in a slightly different place. All the seals and bushings are similar. The centrifugal advance assemblies are a lot different.

Could it be this 25D I have is not a special Lotus unit? I don't think I had any oil leaks, at least the inside of the distributor is clean, nothing in the cap. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?

The PowerSpark unit has a pretty robust looking electronic switch unit, it looks like a beast- this is the one they claim has the capability of a low resistance coil (like .7 ohms) and 3x the spark.

The old Lucas 25D I have has a 41584 A number followed by a 48 and 74.

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