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 Posted: 02-11-2020 01:25 am
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Thank you very much for the technical response. Printed a copy of the response. Very thorough. I thought this would be the answer.

I will be removing both camshaft housings and adjusting the valves myself. Never done a Lotus engine but I have done Ducati and other motorcycle engines with shims to obtain valve clearance. Removing the exhaust camshaft housing will make it easier to clean the flange where gasket sits. The PO used a paper gasket and lots of gay sealant. It still wept onto the exhaust manifold and into the spark plug port area. I am using the new expensive rubber gaskets and no sealant. Hopefully this will work.
Afterwards I also will check the timing and adjust the carbs. The plugs showed the Dellortos are running to rich. Could be rich from the oval air cleaners (k&n type) which had a sponge type cover, then an inch thick layer of some type of sponge wrapping then the dust covers over that.

Once again thanks for valuable info.
Chuck McDonald