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 Posted: 02-10-2020 11:42 pm
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Esprit2 wrote:

Know what you're doing before you install the Ignitor, and make no mistakes.

Tim Engel

I think I might have committed all of the list to things not to do with the ignitor including reverse the polarity, turn the ignition on for long periods of time (when I was doing some electrical diagnosis elsewhere) and then used a flamethrower coil.

Then I wondered why the car was running so badly, misses, bad idle, popping, etc. Feels bad because I thought it was the carbs, two older Italian 45 DCOE's. I sold them and bought two new Spanish Webers. I miss the Italian ones!

Oh well, live and learn. Should have read more about it to begin with.

Going to go back to points for the time being with an original coil and the ballast resistor.

Powerspark, the UK company I contacted, has a version of the 43D that is "high energy" that uses some electronic ignition module that can be used with a very low resistance coil. It's not bad at a little over $100 shipped to the USA. It seems to have the o-ring on the shaft. I know I have read a bit about how bad the Lucas copies are, but this seemed like an interesting option.