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 Posted: 02-09-2020 01:55 am
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discogodfather wrote:
I found a kit on ebay by Garry Kemp at Lotus Engine parts in the UK. I found the old thread in which Qwerty tried this kit out a few years back, but concluded it needed a spacer to make it work. (Snip)...The tensioners went through a series of evolutionary steps, as did some supporting parts... mainly the front main seal housing. The seal housings thickness changed in the area around the tensioner, and the tensioner changed with it to maintain the roller in the plane of the crank & cam sprockets. If you mix-n-match tensioner and seal housing parts, then tensioner roller alignment can be off.

Qwerty (Pieter) designed his tensioner to work on his engine, and it worked quite well. When some people tried using it on other model year J-H, they had problems with alignment that a spacer could fix. His tensioner wasn't wrong as designed, it was wrong as some owners applied it. Apples & Oranges.

Garry Kemp (Kemp Performance Engines in the UK) is a great source for Lotus parts, and the tensioner shown. But like Qwerty's tensioner, it works for the later Lotus front main seal housing application, and may not properly fit an early Mk 1 907.

They are not all the same, so you need to know what to buy.

Tim Engel

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