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 Posted: 02-06-2020 09:16 am
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Finally got around to pulling my distributor yesterday. Seems like it's a Lucas 25D that's had its vacuum advance converted to a Centrifical. It has the Petronix ignitor. The unit has been sitting for a decade and seems a bit loose and grungy. I found an outfit in the UK called PowerSpark that sells Luca 23D and 43D units that are new and reasonably priced at around $75, will these work? I contacted them and Tom said I could use either the 23D or the 43D top mount style. They seem to have an electronic igniter built into them?

The cost to rebuild through JHPS seems more like in the $300 range.

I know not use the ballast resistor in coils that are 3 ohms, is that correct? The ballast resistor is only used with 1.5 ohm versions?

I'm still wondering what's going on with my wiring, but that's the next step.