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 Posted: 02-04-2020 03:34 pm
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I sent the following in a direct email, but we may as well take the conversation here.

Does the difficult shifting seem to be within the gearbox, or could it be in the shifter linkage. The 5-spd's external linkage includes a bunch of bushings that tend to wear out with use & age. Getting to them is a bit of a access-challenge, but replacing them is easy.

Did you watch the episode of Wheeler Dealers in which they fixed-up and sold a Jensen-Healey 5-spd? The shifter linkage was one of the things they addressed, and they clearly showed the how-to on screen.

For the door light, just remove the bulb until you get the problem fixed.

Are you using the choke and it's still hard to start? Refresh my memory... does it have Zenith-Stromberg carbs or Dellortos?

Tim Engel