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 Posted: 02-02-2020 06:22 am
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discogodfather wrote:
I can still hear Dema yelling at me about lobe centers.What Lotus calls MOP (Maximum Opening Point), we on this side of the pond call 'Lobe Centers'. Same thing.

discogodfather wrote:
I think my distributor is a centrifugal advance with the petronix module in it but I have to check again.Original Lucas? Just with a Pertronix kit installed? Then it has the internal lip-seal.

The original Pertronix Ignitor was magnetic, and can still be static timed. The Pertronix Ignitor II & III use a Hall Effect sensor, and have to be moving at 200 rpm before they work... so no static timing. For them, you eyeball the timing close enough for the engine to start, then use a strobe to accurately set the timing.

discogodfather wrote:
I think I will give Barry Spencer a call on Monday.If you do call Barry, tell him Tim said "Hi". There's no discount value in there... just sayin' "Hi".

Tim Engel