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 Posted: 02-01-2020 05:42 pm
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redracer wrote:
The engine rotates clockwise(""CW"). Frankly, this is not that big of a job and again I would suggest enlisting the aid of someone locally.

I have degreed in a few cams years ago, thinking about it has brought back some memories. I even found my old degree wheel. If I found lobe centers, determined lift, and at least determined when valves were opening and closing, could I get a better idea of how these cams should be phased?

I have a dial indicator and the time, I also found some of Tim Engel's writings on the subject. Also found a pretty good writeup on a Lotus forum. But they all seem to start with a known cam.

As I understand it the venier adjustments on the pulleys are for fine tuning, is that correct?

Forgive my ignorance but this has already been very helpful!