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 Posted: 02-01-2020 02:41 pm
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Tim Engel has written extensively about this on the JHPS website, but we'll get you started.
First, the position of the ditributor/oil pump sprocket has no correlation to the Intake & Exhaust cam sprockets, which are solely for valve timing whereas the dizzy sprocket is for ignition timing. Assuming you still have points in the dizzy, you would static time this to about 10-15 degrees BTDC(hope you have terminated the vacuum retard capsule?).
If you have a Pertronix installed, you would need to eyeball where the rotor would fire the #1 spark plug.
As for the cam timing, you would be advised to get a degree wheel & dial indicator(or borrow one) to dial in the variable timing(and remove a cam cover to get the actual cam lobe measuremnt). Ideally, it would be a good idea to make a serious effort to find the engine builder to save you a lot of grief and possibly bent valves.
Frankly, after reading your initial statements, I would advise finding someone in your area to change the belt, etc. BEFORE any valves are bent