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 Posted: 02-01-2020 09:23 am
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My cam pulley rubbed a little when it got loose one day years ago (against the crank pulley) and it's missing around 1/16" of an inch on the edge. No big deal, but I would love to replace it at some point. Could not find anything on ebay both in the US and Britain.

I know member qwerty had a solution a few years back and I contacted hi to see if that part was still available. I also found a UK supplier that reconditions them on an exchange basis, having them replated. Don't know if they would replace my damaged one though.

I found this UK supplier on UK ebay selling a kit that converts the newer tensioners that use the springs for any 907, 910, 912 engine. It basically converts it to an early manual tensioner. I looked at the pics and it seems slightly different than the OEM setup but very close, I emailed him to see if it might work for a JH. It converts to the newer integral bearing.

Does anyone have a pulley lying around? All I would need is the actual pulley, not the center cam piece.