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 Posted: 01-31-2020 12:10 pm
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Hello all,

Hope everything is well, after about 12 years I am back and trying to get the Healy running again. Been sitting for 12 years, lol. Going through everything, I decided to change all the belts.

This engine is a 907 with lots of performance parts, it was built by a local fellow about 15 years ago and I never got the actually cam specs. This engine is a 2.0 liter but has carillo rods, a knife edged crank, and was designed to spin to 8000. It's a high compression (custom forged pistons) at 9.7 to 1, a cam grind by Elgin (no idea what the specs are though) and it appears to have a set of adjustable cam pulleys (I believe Michael's motorsports used to sell these). The distributor pulley also looks not jensen healey, it's marked Lotus and has a IN and EX hash mark and a kind of squarish main mark.

Since none of the factory marks seem to be present I always just marked the relative positions of the cam pulleys and distributor pulley in the past when I replaced the cam belt. I noticed in the factory service manual it says that the distributor pulley mark should face downwards and the rotor should be facing in "the upward position from vertical".

My "Lotus" marked distributor pulleys marks don't seem to line up to a damn thing. I just marked it with some paint to help me put it back together correctly, but now I am very interested in proving to myself I know exactly where the rotor should be. Should it face upwards like the factory manual says? Is there any other way to time this thing so I don't feel so in the dark? Right now with the cams aligned and the distributor pulley aligned to wherever I found it the top of the ignition rotor sits at around the 3 o'clock position (when looking from the front of the engine to the back).

Take a look at the pics attached and let me know what you think.

I also noticed that my old cam marks, when I rotate the engine to TDC on cylinder #1, was off by around 2 teeth. I simply rotated the cams back into alignment. I always dreaded having to degree in these cams, using that MOP stuff, but it appears now might be the time to finally do this. Anyone have some advice or a how to accomplish this?

Thanks again, hopefully I will be around and contributing more when this baby gets running again.