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 Posted: 01-14-2020 03:44 pm
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The viscosity of the damper oil is to a Zenith-Stromberg what the accelerator pump setting is to a Dellorto or other 'normal' carb. The viscosity influences how quickly the piston reacts (rises/ falls) to a change in throttle. The viscosity is only right for the task when proper consideration is given to how the carb is set-up (jet size and height, damper spring, needle selection and it's adjustment)... and lastly, the damper oil viscosity.

The oil viscosity specified by different engine manufacturers varies because their carb set-ups vary first, then the damper was tuned to provide the additional rich/ lean condition that was required during throttle transition.

Just randomly changing the oil viscosity to what your buddy uses in his Triumph ignores all of that. Or, if you go down that road, at least pay attention to how the engine's throttle response changes as a result. Don't change the oil viscosity, then blame subsequent changes to throttle response on something else, and go off on another Witch Hunt.

Tim Engel

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