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 Posted: 01-01-2020 05:43 pm
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Tom didn't mention anything about inspecting the bore for corrosion/pitting, especially on the bottom.
For year I had a person in Quincy, CA. resleeve them for me using premium brass, but he retired a few years ago. Recently, I had Apple Hydraulics resleeve a few for me and they appear fine. However, the cost is more than one could get a TR6 one (with the reservoir), so that's why you see so many now.
The problem with the TR6 conversion is their's were mounted on a slant whereas the J-H is flat and if the tank is not totally full, there is a chance of air getting into the front hole.
Another problem we discovered in the '90s that for just a "rebuild", a few were getting a "soft" pedal after short driving; what we discovered was that the rear seal(the big one that works the front brakes) would "rub" over a VERY slight pitting on the bottom(no fluid leak mind you) and would gradually introduce air into the system. Hence, now I only would rebuild a brass resleeved one just for that reason.
best wishes for 2020, bruce