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 Posted: 12-31-2019 02:44 pm
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Well, I am an engineer, but I never worked for Lotus. As a car guy, I'm a Lotus fan first... I have been since I was a kid, and that was many decades ago. I like the Jensen-Healey, and it's on my bucket list. However, there is also a long list of other Lotus cars that I've not yet enjoyed, and a JH is in line behind them. At my age, it's now unlikely that I'll ever get around to a JH.

I hang out on JHPS and other JH sites because of the Lotus engine. I try to help owners with it, and provide information that was never included in the original JH Workshop Manual. The 900-Series 4-cyl engines remained in production for 20 years after Jensen closed it's doors. There is a lot of information and 'common knowledge' about them in the Lotus world that seems to be ignored in the JH world.

Where I live, there have been enough JH around to have been the core for a local club, but it never happened. JH owners usually joined the local Austin-Healey club just to be part of the "Healey" social family, but none of the AH guys know anything about the Jensen-Healey. So some of the JH owners have joined our Lotus club in order to get tech support for the engine. That's how I got started helping JH guys with their 907s, and my activities just expanded as JH forums popped up on the internet.

Tim Engel

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