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 Posted: 12-18-2019 05:29 am
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Hey all,

Thanks for the information, Brett and Tim.

Finally received my new 910 impeller kit from JAE. Pretty good setup, and $100 with shipping. The new impeller looks great, as well as the shaft, spring seal, and hub. The hub connection won’t work for the stock fan, but and the throat on the new impeller is cut down already to fit in the 907.

The new seal looks like the seal in my pump. Could it be from Dave Bean? But take a look at the old impeller. Looks like it was cut down a lot! But there definitely wasn’t any space leftover for the larger throat on the new one to fit. So I’m not sure what to make of all of it. What’s original and what has been tampered with?

The new impeller is 1.887 inches tall, while the one I pulled from my pump is 0.8845

Not sure if this photo will come through

Thanks for any insight you guys can add!

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