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 Posted: 10-17-2005 06:03 pm
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Blow-by is unpleasant. I've experienced hotter temps with three cylinders that had marginal compression and one cylinder that was quite bad- the three were doing the work of all four. In that instance it was bad rings in the number four cylinder and was easy to see from the compression gauge since it was so far gone.

Perhaps worth mentioning- the club store has been selling a lot of remanufactured water pumps and I've been noticing many of the cores I get back are not to spec- often the impellors are way off and not close enough to the housing. Whoever rebuilt the pumps last, didn't read the Lotus clearance recommendations in the manual. Some of these are so far off that they could conceivably effect the cooling (for the worse) on the engine, so you really need to look at everything at engine rebuild time or if you're getting a car recently that has issues.