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 Posted: 10-13-2019 04:23 pm
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pokeyjoe wrote:
I picked up a set of proper JH carbs. I didn't feel like rebuilding the ones on the car.I'm not certain I'm interpreting that statement correctly.

If you were just referring to not wishing to deal with twin-choke ('enrichment device') Triumph Z-S carbs in a single-choke J-H application... okay. But focusing on the last part of your statement...
pokeyjoe wrote:
I didn't feel like rebuilding the ones on the car.If the seller hasn't already rebuilt the Z-S carbs you bought such that they're ready to go, then they still have to be rebuilt! The last of the Z-S equipped Jensen-Healeys rolled out of the factory 43 years ago. The carbs are all old. If they were recently on a running engine, then they should have been rebuilt several times by now, and 'recent old' MIGHT be acceptable as is. But, if they're just old, used carbs out of a salvage yard or somebody's parts stashs, then they DO need to be rebuilt before being used... Triumph or Jensen-Healey. There's no dodging that bullet.

If you're really trying to avoid rebuilding old carbs, buy a Miata.

Tim Engel

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