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 Posted: 10-11-2019 05:47 am
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Replacing dashpot O ring: There is a small O ring on the needle adjusting screw inside the air valve (piston). The O ring is what prevents the dash pot oil from leaking. Reference the diagram. First use your allen wrench tool turning counter clockwise to completely unscrew the needle from the adjusting screw. 2) Loosen the retaining screw on the side so it completely backs out into the piston body. 3) The metering needle assembly should be fairly easy to pull out. 4) Now the retaining clip on top of the adjusting screw is a star washer that is just a friction fit. Insert some type of rod or long bolt into the bottom and gently tap it with a small hammer. It will push out. Be careful to have those small parts come out onto a place you can easily find them. The small O ring is in rebuild kits and that size is probably available at a good car parts or hardware store. Take care and good luck. I will try to post a picture but not sure how

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