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 Posted: 10-09-2019 03:43 pm
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Bruce & Patrick,
Sorry about the late reply, but I've been travelling. I'm a troglodyte with a dumb phone, so when I leave home, I leave email and the internet behind.

I don't have a stash of old 910 impellers, I just buy one when the need comes up. JAE has had the 910 impeller re-produced, and has about 500 in inventory. They're reasonably priced.

That's the good news. The 'minor' bad news is that the snout/ center boss on many of them leans off to one side a little. It looks like they were removed from the mold too early, while they were still too hot, and it sagged off to one side.

They work, but I wonder if the slight off-center lobe doesn't aggitate the coolant flow. So when I send it off to the machine shop to have the nose shortened to 907 length, I also ask them to turn the nose so that the outside is concentric with the bore. Just press the impeller onto a steel rod, chuck the rod in a lathe, and lightly cut the snout's OD. No big deal.

Brett Gibson has installed a 910 impeller in his JH water pump. Ping him, and ask for his opinion.