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 Posted: 09-23-2019 02:54 am
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There is little, if any flow through the heater circuit when the heater valve is closed. Putting the fan's thermo-switch in the heater circuit may work well in the Winter, but in the worst, hottest Summer day, you probablly don't want to drive around with the heater on. Just a thought.

If your engine runs too hot in your climate, also consider rebuilding the water pump, using the impeller from a 910 Turbo pump. The nose is longer, so it won't fit as received. Take it and the old impeller to a machine shop, then have them cut the Turbo's nose down to match the 907's.

See the attached JPEG, and note the increased number of longer vanes. It moves much more coolant. Still make certain the radiator is in good, clean condition, and a supplemental electric fan wouldn't hurt, but the 910 impeller is a big plus.

Tim Engel

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