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 Posted: 10-16-2005 12:52 am
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Mark Rosenbaum

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Jim Medland is correct in that most of these hoses work just fine.  However, nobody's quality control is perfect, and defective parts do occasionally get made and sold.

These hoses consist of a fabric-reinforced rubber-like fluid that that is cured to solid form during manufacture.  If the rubber is applied improperly, or if the curing is incorrect, there will be voids connecting the interior of the hose to the fabric.  When this occurs, coolant will seep or leak from the exposed fabric at one or both ends of the hose.  (My car's previous manifold hose, bought from Delta by the car's PO in 1999 or 2000, did just that after a couple of years of use, but in my case I could stop the leaks by tightening the hose clamps.)

It sounds to me like your current manifold hose exhibits a rather extreme example of this sort of failure.  Certainly the extra passage you describe should not be there.  You might make contact again with Mr. Medland, and see if he's willing to replace what is almost certainly a defective part.  He may need to have you ship him the bad hose so he can get a refund on its cost from his distributor.

I'll note here that it seems to take very highly skilled employees to make good hoses, or good tires.  (Disclaimer: no connection with either industry other than end-user of their products.)