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 Posted: 10-15-2005 10:51 pm
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New cars are nice, but there is just something about those old classics that a new car can't match. They're stylish, pristigous, tempramental, rare, examples of a time gone by. I'm a car nut and have owned many cars over the years. My current collection is at eight. I know it's not practicle, but I like cars for each occasion. One for work, one for camping, one for hauling stuff, one for racing, and several for pleasure.  In 1986 I was at an auto salvage sale with my dad and we came upon this yellow sports car that had an engine fire. I was not sure what it was except that it was British, but I knew after looking at it that it was cool and I wanted it to fix it up. Well time fly's and restoration did not begin until 2003. Currently engine and engine bay is totally restored, and I fired up the engine for the first time in 19 years in August. Before it is on the road I need to paint front fenders and hood, and finish repairing some minor rust in the trunk. Even thought I have never driven it yet, I know I'm going to love this car. The Lotus engine intrigues me, 4 valves per cyl, cross flow head, twin carbs, header, pretty cool for 1974. One look at the engine and you know this is no common power plant. The car would not be nearly as interesting with a standard 4 banger.  I plan to have it on the road by Spring. I will then be crusing the back roads of Oregon with my brother following behind in his MGB. And I plan to have it at the All British Field Meet next Labor Day at PIR. Can't wait for that first person to walk up and say "what is it ?"

Gary. JH 15371.