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 Posted: 09-03-2019 03:44 pm
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[Collin actually called me this evening, so edited to reflect.]

Too many years ago I purchased a CC W58 kit and am finally actively working on installing.  I would have put money on their being a sleeve in the kit to cover a portion of the input shaft splines. (Colin says the early kits yes, later ones like mine designed to use a Toyota throwout bearing, no.)  I have the piece that carries the throwout bearing (and the pilot bearing/nosecone extension), but no sleeve.  No idea where it would have gone since I haven't opened the box in literally years -- am I misremembering? (Apparently yes, fortunately.)

I've sent a note to Colin but fairly sure I won't hear back in my lifetime. (Oops...  Super nice guy, by the way.)

Also, the clutch provided looks pretty meek based on looking up the parts numbers.  Actually, the cover seems reasonably stout, seems to be a SAAB 900 part (Colin says correct, and should be fine to 200 hp), but the Valeo disk fits certain Toyotas of maybe 100 hp. (Colin isn't too worried based on his experience, but agreed it wouldn't hurt to upgrade).  Doing upgrade research on my own, of course, but if anyone has been there, done that on a more appropriate disk, would love to hear.

 Thanks, Mike

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