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 Posted: 09-03-2019 04:30 am
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Sorry Tim - not a Turbo...

its a 910 block from Gary Kemp
with a 2.4 stroker crank

Gary made a slight oops and I ended up with a set of Turbo pistons which when I get to that bit will not give me the compression I want- so for about 30 minutes I entertained a supercharger.. but decided in the end to have a set of custom pistons made (path of least resistance)

What I bought:
the 2.4 crank
some billet con rods
the turbo pistons
and nikasil liners

easiest path I see is to just get some custom pistons. I'm guessing that between the crank and conrod billetyness and the nikasil liners a set of stock pistons wont work