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 Posted: 08-19-2019 04:09 pm
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Good morning all. I've been working on replacing my Stromberg's with Dellorto's and during the process upgrade my ignition from points to a Petronix Igniter II. Got the Pertronix in yesterday and was ready to set the static timing and.... I can't find the keys! I've never lost a set before.

Maybe they will show up, but in the meantime, one of the guys on the FB group, Gregory Moore, said that there should be a key code on a piece of tape under the ignition lock assembly on the steering column. He said he can cut me a new key with that code, which is a great option.

Can someone give me the basics on how to get to that and remove it? I thought I could remove the lower dash on the driver's side (left hand drive) but there was a screw hidden by the center dash section with the radio in it. Hmm, maybe I'm going about this wrong and just need to ask. Should I go at it by removing the steering wheel. Pretty embarrassing! TIA, Tom

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