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 Posted: 08-19-2019 02:41 pm
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just read: the lighter(a common item that gets shorted) is fused by the 3rd/bottom fuse, and should NOT have melted the main harness.
A common problem on the earlier J-Hs(not sure what # they changed) was for the rear side light/fender markers top get shorted. The English cars did not have rear side lights and as somewhat of an after-thought, they ran the wires to them around the "U" shaped inner small piece and the fender; eventually, the foam on this piece would wear away and the "hot" wire(UNFUSED!!) would ground out and melt the harness all the way to the footwell where the extra bundled wires acted as a heat sink. The later harnesses(again, not sure what chassis #) had a 4th pig tail fuse below the 3 fuse panel for this reason.
I drilled a small hole in the little piece with the foam and put a rubber grommet in, as it should have been done at the factory.
Have plenty of good used harnesses if you need one
best wishes, bruce