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 Posted: 08-02-2019 01:27 am
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When I purchased her, I didn't know she was a prototype.
I had been a member of the Jensen Car Club of Australia for about 4 or 5 years when there was a change of president. It was then that Naomi , (The president of JCCA) let me know, I wish I had known sooner.
The differences are not too apparent, there is a lot of redundancy fuel lines, connections etc and under the bonnet (hood) and on the fuel tank, the wiring is a bit chaotic, there are about 6 or seven relays so under the bonnet is not as tidy as the production cars.
there are also odd little things that I don't think are on production cars like fuel drain cock and an odd welded fitting on the air filter. Also, the interior is two-tone Tan and Black, only one door lock and no interior lights. (I think these are on Door cards on production cars)
Its surprising how little rust there is for how old she is, which I down to that additional layer of paint water the fire in the factory.