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 Posted: 07-31-2019 04:21 am
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The only thing I know of that would cause both front and rear wheels to lock up is the master cylinder needing adjustment. I have never had this problem myself, so the best I can recommend is to read the last post in the thread I referenced above and adjust to add some extra space as described. A simpler possibility that I recall reading somewhere was to put thin washers or a home-made gasket between the master cylinder and the servo to give the extra space, though I cannot attest to how well that works. Once this is done, you should at least be able to drive it without the wheels locking up and should be able to look for any other issues.

I would not expect any problems with the rear wheel bearings unless you hear rumbling sounds when you roll the car. If these were bad, this should happen even when cold. But if you had good bearings properly installed recently this should not be a problem. My experience is that these last a very long time, something like 100K miles.

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