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 Posted: 07-30-2019 03:51 am
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It sounds to me like the engine is running fine, but something in the drive train or wheels is overheating and locking up after going a while.

One possibility is the master cylinder connection to the booster. If this is not adjusted correctly, apparently the brakes can start dragging more and more as they heat up until they lock solid. See the last post on this group:

Incorrectly adjusted rear brakes may also cause this.

Another possibility is bad or misadjusted wheel bearings that are overheating and locking up, though this is usually accompanied by a rumbling noise in my experience.

I recommend jacking the car up to see how easily each of the wheels turns when cold, then doing it again after driving around a short distance. You can also use a temperature probe (not your finger!) to see what area is getting hot.

A quick test is simply pushing the car by hand if you have a good flat surface. On my garage floor I can easily push my car around by hand when it is in neutral whether it is cold or after a long drive.

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