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 Posted: 07-26-2019 01:42 pm
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I assume when you replaced the thermostat, it was a 2 stage one as required?(if single stage the water will keep running through the block with only a limited amount going through the radiator, causing over heating)
Also, both the fuel AND temp gauges run on 9-10 volts made by the "Voltage stabilizer" located between the 2 gauges. It is sheet metal screwed into the back of the metal panel, and that screw, which is the ground for the stabilizer, gets corroded and needs to be cleaned. Now a full 12 volts will run through the gauges raising the needle 22 1/2 degrees CCW(i.e. "hotter", a false reading).
With the radiator cap off, run the engine to warm up to determine the flow and with some sort of temp thermometer to measure the actual temp.
Let us know