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 Posted: 07-18-2019 11:36 pm
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Sorry to hear about this problem.
Here's how I'd attempt a diagnosis which is not based specifically on the 907 engine;
1) When the engine is warm (not hot) check the water is flowing through the radiator (open the cap look down and see if there is movement)
2) Check cooling system pressure, (High pressure may be a hairline crack in the Head or head Gasket opening-up after the engine warms up, thereby pressuring the system with combustion gasses. (there are testers that will sniff combustion gas in coolant)
3) Check actual water when hot (most newish multimeters have a temp probe which you can insert between the hose and the radiator, you would need to get inventive here with some goo, but an actual reading that you can trust is pretty important.
If you have determined it is overheating and it's not a crack in the head or gasket, it's probably the water pump like Esprit2 commented. If your water temp is ok, and there is no excess pressure or CO2 in the water; If it isn't actually overheating you may need to change your sensor and move on to the next stage.

4) Pull the plugs and inspect (check online for plug diagnosis) you can learn a lot about an engine from the plugs.
5) Check the temperature of the Ignition coil Just put your hand on it, it shouldn't be very hot. If it's hot when the engine is hot, then this may be the problem, though it would be odd for the sensor and the coil to fail simultaneously.
Good luck

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